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LONDON SINGLE MALT WHISKY - Test Batch #001 (5cl)
LONDON SINGLE MALT WHISKY - Test Batch #001 (5cl)
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LONDON SINGLE MALT WHISKY - Test Batch #001 (5cl)

We are releasing a small test batch of our London Signature, the flagship blend of Bimber Distillery’s London Single Malt Whisky at two years old and 46% ABV.

Alongside our new-make spirit, this test batch is the next step in our journey to releasing our London Single Malt Whisky in 2019.
I is a unique, complex and rounded combination of our first fill ex-Bourbon, ex P•X Sherry & Virgin American Oak aged whiskies.

Production Method

English barley, floor malted in the old-fashioned way, creating a unique malt of outstanding quality.

Double distilled in traditional copper alembic stills for a refined & complex new-make spirit.

Matured in specially selected casks at Bimber Distillery, London.



Nose:  Warm malty cereal with vanilla and smoky dried fruits, with smoked nuts.
Palate:  Malted fruit loaf, hot milk, candied tropical fruits.  Rich and warm smoke with a touch of chocolate.
Finish:  Soft honey, vanilla and tobacco

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